Woke Up This Morning…

I did, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this right now would I? I got to thinking those words this past Wednesday morning and even though I never watched The Sopranos, immediately the song popped into my head. I got to thinking about all the ways our days can twist and turn, just when you think things are going to continue on the same as they’ve been. It’s so easy to fall into routine and lackluster expectation.

I’ve been going back and forth with what to do about our choices for education this school year. Before the 2015-2016 school year, we’d been homeschoolers, ever since I pulled my Big Kid out of public school kindergarten. We had always wanted to homeschool but you know, things, and at the time we just had to put him into public school. There were many tears shed by both Mom and Kid One at that time.

I homeschooled Kid One through the beginning of fourth grade and while there were countless enjoyable moments that I will cherish ’til my time on this rock is up, I would never be so dishonest as to tell anyone that homeschooling is easy or for everyone or the best decision for every kid, that you and your Little(s) will enjoy the time way more often than you guys will want to go tearing down the streets on rampages of insanity. But that’s another story altogether…

Our boys are on a waiting list for a charter school here and if one gets in they both do. If we’ve got to send them to public school, this is the one we prefer. But as of right now, since they’re not in yet, we had to decide which option’s pros would outweigh the inevitable cons of our various choices: a public “cyber school”, our zone’s public brick-and-mortar, or me going back to making up all the curriculum and homeschooling like we used to, this time for two kids.

Well, turns out neither of these options is what went down, surprise, surprise, heh. Instead, our Big decided he wanted to go back to their brick-and-mortar this year and our Little wanted to homeschool. So there ya go. I wasn’t really planning on a split approach but oh well, here we are and trying to pull it together. I’m getting curriculum together double-time for my Little that I would have preferred to have ready weeks before. He and I are finding our groove and this is good.

Life is hysterical to me and there’s always something around the bend that we weren’t really expecting. The way I figure, we roll with it and enjoy the sights. Tell me dear readers, what surprises have thrown you for a bit of a loop this August?